Kanye West Songs

Times Square in late afternoon.
I have traded the moon for the flashing lights,
neon billboards,
Kanye West songs.

They welcome me with pinks and blues.
Hues of my old hurt,
now amplified.

I never let you sleep, remember?
We had so little time,
the city drunkenly cat-calling me.

My neon lover,
your light was too much.
It blinded me
blindfolded me.

One of these days.
I’d like to fall asleep
and in love with you again.

Christine Göös
High Notes

We have conquered these hours,
but lost the night.
The darkest of your thoughts
now revel in my light.

Your resistance has drawn
a hundred sparrows in my back.
Their wings so bloody,
our eyes turned black.

I've arrived delirious,
I leave your house adorned.
Clothed in sweet nothings,
this queen of the damned.

You and I,
form a band that never was.
High notes trapped in my ribcage,
like the holy ghost they haunt me.

Embrace me in your sins,
draw the maps to your treasure.
And everything you’ve hidden,
in these verses I will save.

Christine Göös
The Jane Hotel

Expensive watch,
sold a startup or two.
Rooftop bars, Italian leather
you sleep on your best friend’s couch.

You move like a big fish
but you swim with the herd.
Young girlfriends no wives
or so I’ve heard.

Career advice we didn’t ask for
we make our own money.
40 and figuring things out,
now isn’t that a catch!

I am drunk off these dirties
- extra olives please!
We dance and I swear
you’re borderline handsome.

Red velvet my head is spinning
It’s my time to go.
Oye mamita,
won’t you let me take you home?

Christine Göös
Pastel Deck Chairs

Fresh off the plane,
the air vibrates in the tropical heat.
You take off your straw hat,
A chance encounter,  – good seeing you again.

The azure of the pool
sings its open invitation.
Splash! I sink in.
Holding my breath
like you hold your love.

“Her time has run out”, you say.
Nothing for us to do but lay there,
painting silence in our pastel deck chairs.

You and I, idle by the poolside.
The thought haunts me after it’s long gone.
The equator burns my eyelids.
Do you still taste the chlorine like I do?

Christine Göös